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Button Smashing
This is newer version of my Skylander I made named Button Smashing

Skylander Name: Button Smashing
Element: Tech
Species: Tech Dragon 
Motto: Mashing and Slashing

His Backstory:
One day Flynn and Hugo and Clone Kaos  was playing there favorite Video Game Whack A Troll and when Flynn was about to beat  Hugo the game randomly broke so Hugo and Flynn and Clone Kaos went to the Video Game Graveyard to put there favorite game to rest but before they could put there Video Game to rest they was attacked by a Evil Minion Army sent by The Real Kaos to destroy Clone Kaos. Right when the Evil Minion Army was going attack. Clone Kaos summoned a Portal over there Video Game the Portal  pop out a Tech Element Designed Egg on to the Video Game and the Egg absorb the Video Game  and lost and broken Videos Games in the Video Game Graveyard. After the Egg stop absorbing Video Games it unleased a huge Shock Wave that pushed back the Evil Minion Army and hatch in to a Tech Elemental Dragon  with a Tech Elemental Blade of Awesomeness ( That what Flynn said ) after the Tech Dragon hatched it defeated the Evil Minion Army and send the army back to the real Kaos with moves that based off Video Games that the Tech Dragon learned from absorbing Video Games from its Egg. When the gang got back to Skylanders Academy Flynn and Hugo and Clone Kaos told Eon about there Adventure Eon decided for Flynn and Hugo and Clone Kaos to name there Skylander Ally after the 3 pick names for the Tech Dragon. The Tech Dragon pick the name it creator Clone Kaos picked out and that how the Skylander Button Smashing became to be and Hugo and Flynn named the young Tech Elemental Dragon sword Game Blade. After 7 days of training  his sword skills and Elemental powers at Skylanders Academy and for showing he mastered his Sword and Elemental Abilities by  beating Dark Spyro and Clone Kaos in the Skylanders Battle Arena Master Eon had Button Smashing become a Skylander

Basic Abilities:

Button Blaster:
Fire laser blasts from eyes.

Game Blade:
 You Swing  and Slash with your sword called Game Blade very quickly.

Basic Upgrades:

1. Shock Wielding:
When swing Game Blade it fires Electrical Shock Waves at foes

2. I Eject You:
Press the third Button to Summon a Disc Ally.
( You can have 3 allies out in battle ) 

3. Button Flare:
Hold Button Blaster to unleash a huge Electrical Shock Wave Meteor.  
( Move the movement button to control the meteor landing.)

4. Button Up:
All Stats and attacks speed are increased and also have damage boost and Button Blaster and Electrical Shock Waves  bounce off Walls and Foes


 Top: Game Masher

1. Power Surge:
 Swing Game Blade and using Button Blaster  and  Electrical Shock Waves burn foes.
  ( Burns damages a lot. )

2. Button  Control:
All Stats are raised max and all attacks power and attacks speed are raised to maxed and when using  Button Flare you unleash 6  Electrical Shock Wave Meteors and then a big  Electrical Shock Wave Meteor after the 6.

3. A Game of Glory:
You have new little Tech Dragon Ally's  that fights by your side and Disc Ally have increased power and you can summons 3 Disc Ally's at once.

Bottom: Game Saver

1.  Power Save:
You gain more Elemental Power and when hitting Foes they drop food.
( Food Drop dose not work on PVP )

2. Game Controller  :
Hold the third Button to control your game and make your foes pause  for a little while all pause foes take increased damage from be paused
( Pause dose not work on PVP )on PVP it makes a random power ups appear.

3. Back Up:
You have  new Tech Fairy Ally's that can blocks attacks by your side and Disc Ally have increased power and you can summons 3 Disc Ally's at once.

Soul Gem: Reset Button:
When Button Smashing is defeated you use a 2nd Life to return to battle.

Top Path Game Masher is better for PVP and Co-Op

Bottom Game Saver is better for Story Mode 

I wish I could see what he would look like as a Skylander


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